We Can Change The World, WeDay

It’s a month since the airing of the WeDay special. A month since I got to share  my story with the world.  The thing is, its SO MUCH MORE than just sharing MY story.  It was EVERYONE sharing their stories.  There were so many amazing celebrities who were part of WeDay, but there were also many people, just like me, who started off as just one person, just one- who decided that they were going to do whatever they could to change the world. People like Ashley, Imani, Ezra, Jessica, they may have started with their passions to change as one person, but they’ve bloomed into  being part of something bigger.

It all started with two brother who had a plan. Marc and Craig Kielburger started something-  and it’s become something amazing.  They saw how young people really want to change the world. They not only saw it, but they encouraged it. And then, they decided to help.   I thought about all the amazing people I met through WeDay- and it sparked a song.

This song is for my friends at WeDay, yes, but it’s also for every person out there who thinks that they have a great idea, but aren’t sure they can make it happen.  You can.


Maybe just ask for a little help.

Together, for the better, one person at a time turns  from Me to We.

We can make a change, we can take a stand, we can make a plan -the time is now.   

We can change the world.

We did change the world.


You can watch the whole  broadcast at WeDay.com and Experience the Power of WeDay.

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