allyinterview2I have been lucky enough to have some articles written about me that help me share my message.  Here’s a few of them!  I am always looking for help in getting my story shared to let others know:  IT GETS BETTER!  Questions?  Contact me at  ally  @


I was a feature story on an ABC Primetime special called WeDay.  Along with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson, Common, The Band Perry, Magic Johnson, Martin Sheen and I was able to perform with  Colbie Calliat and Babyface!

I am actually the opening act- watch the first 6 minutes!


I was thrilled to be in – talking about my anti-bullying work, and  my involvement with WeDay.   Check out the article : Bullied Teen Who Attempted Suicide Encourages Others to Stand Up to Their Bullies and #BeBrave


I’m excited to write for Huffington Post. I’ve been a featured blogger for their HuffPo Teen page as well as been interviewed on the Huff Post Live segment.  Please follow me on HuffPost Teen!




Babble:  Someone out there cares for you

“Fifteen-year-old Ally Del Monte is smart, funny, and flat-out gorgeous, especially when she smiles. Unfortunately, those smiles have been rare over the last eight years for Ally, who has been incessantly bullied since second grade:” …….”As part of her blog post, Ally created a video in which she details the astonishing cruelty that children and teens are capable of. She was shunned, pushed, tripped, spit on, shoved into lockers, and told that her mother should have had an abortion. Girls and boys told she was fat, gross, a whore, a slut, pathetic, useless, and worthless. They instituted a “game” called “Don’t Talk to Ally Day,” with the threat, “if you get caught talking to Ally, you’re out.”


CNN- When friends become Bullies

“The taunts began in second grade when Ally Del Monte started taking medication for a thyroid disorder and gained 60 pounds.

The boys at her elementary school in Westchester County, New York, banned her from the jungle gym because they said she would break it. The girls made fun of her large jackets and told her she was fat, ugly and weird….”

USA Today: From Bullied To Bravery

“It was 3 a.m. on a Monday when Wendy Del Monte awoke to a thud.

Thinking it was one of their cats, she wandered into her daughter’s bedroom. There, she found her daughter Ally in the throes of despair, shaking, gripping onto a bottle of her father’s heart medication. The thud had been the bottle falling to the ground.

“The world just stopped,” Del Monte recounted. “She said, ‘Mom, I don’t think I want to live anymore.’ “

Ally was 13 and in eighth grade.”

hartfordNew Milford teen inspires fans to “Be Brave”   “There are 393 comments on Ally Del Monte’s blog post “A Princess at Any Size” on the Huffington Post. Her readers have a lot to say. “You are so strong and I believe that you will inspire others to be brave as well,” one fan gushes on Ally’s personal blog,”Moved to tears, you eloquently redefine what it means to be a ‘princess’ inside and out with beauty, power and inspiration! I hope this gets read by as many who need to hear its message as possible,” says another, ending her message with a heart.

The hundreds of commenters are just a fraction of the 150,000 to 200,000 people who Ally’s mom, Wendy Del Monte, estimates read Ally’s blog posts each year.


Bullied Litchfield County teen to be part of ‘We Day’ broadcast on ABC  Since she tried to take her life at age 13, Ally Del Monte has turned a heartbreaking story into one about the power of the human spirit with a blog, YouTube channel and social media messages to help others.

choices cover

Sch0lastic Choices Magazine, Sept 2012 (cover)

“I’m a cheerleader, a singer, and a good friend. But some people choose only to see my weight. “


Ally is an accomplished singer and songwriter. You can hear some of her original songs  Brave, Maybe, and We Can on her YouTube Channel.





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  1. Ann says:

    I am inspired by your story. I pray that my future daughter grows up to be as strong as you 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I think you’re story is very inspiring. And I think what you’re doing is amazing, I hope one day there can be a judgement free world.

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