No Longer A Losergurl

For years, I’ve written on Losergurl and people would ask me, over and over, WHY do I call myself a losergurl?

You see, when I was in the middle of being bullied, people would call me a loser. I began to believe them.  When I decided to talk about being bullied, I thought, well, you call me a loser, well, I’m the best damn loser you will ever meet!  and Losergurl was born.

The thing is, I’m not a loser. I never was a loser.  I am just Ally.


I was someone who was a victim, and someone who found the strength to fight back.  I was someone who believed that I was worthless and fought hard to realize that I wasn’t. I was sharing with the world that I WASN’T a loser, but I was still calling myself losergurl.

So now it’s time for change. Change is scary. Change is good.  I want to share more of myself than just my bullying story.  I AM more than my bullying story.  I’m a good writer, a fabulous songwriter, and a really good singer.  I like music.  I love concerts. I like fashion. I like making friends and a I really like helping others to know that they are pretty terrific, too. I’m still working on helping to stop bullying, but I’m sharing much more of me.


So, I have decided I am no longer a losergurl.  I’m just….. Ally.

And that is pretty perfect.





11 Responses to No Longer A Losergurl

  1. Cathleen Maher says:

    This is awesome Ally I would love to meet you I am from CT too and was bullied as well all while growing up…I turned to the gym to help me overcome bullying..i love to help people as well. I am a great write…love music and love to read. I would love to help people overcome their mental illness through exercise not medication. Please send me a friend request on Facebook at Cathleen Maher.

  2. This is an amazing blog! You are such a bright, strong and amazing girl! Keep doing what you do!

  3. To you Ally I want to say you are brave, not alot of young people do positive with a negative experience. I sincerely hope you voice reaches many because they need to hear it. Thank you for what you do and for sharing your story 🙂

  4. Enamorana says:

    I love this. Kisses from the Dominican Republic

  5. Shannon says:

    Just came across your blog, and just wanted to say you are AWESOME and INSPIRING! 🙂

  6. Maddison says:

    Has anyone mentioned that you got featured in our book? I’ve always wanted to tell you since then how inspiring you are and still can be to people. Cheers!

  7. Love this post and love the change you’re embracing. No more losergurl, you’re Alley. Great change!

  8. Ana says:

    Ally, “…you are amazingly and wonderfully made…” Psalm 139:14. I too was bullied at school and at home. Life was really tough and hopeless. Yet at 17 I found out what Jesus thought about me and how He didn’t create mistakes. He helped me gain a new perspective in life which I desperately needed.
    Thank you for encouraging others that have walked this hard path. It’s really neat to see beautiful people helping others.

  9. Cindy Fox says:

    You are awesome, Ally and truly are no longer a loser. You never were a loser. And now you have realized just how beautiful you are!

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