Never Losing Myself

A poem about my health journey-

I will not hate my body
I will not hate the folds of skin
The rolls on my stomach
Or size of my arms
I will not let hatred win
On my journey to health
I will love myself
As I shrink down pound by pound
I will love my skin
I will appreciate my body
The one I’m forever to live in
Because I am me
Plump or thin
It is necessary to make a change
And slowly I am doing so
And I will love myself the entire way
My mind is grown

I am not doing this
For a soul but myself
I love me
And want to feel better
So I will improve my health
I don’t want the aches
Or the shortness of breath
But as I lose pounds
I won’t lose myself
In truth I am unfit
And my body needs to get better
But I will keep my mind in great shape, too
No matter what size the sweater

-Ally Del Monte

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