Mental Illness and Suicide is NOT A JOKE Logan Paul

Mental illness is a horrible, terrible, soul stealing  illness that can get bad enough to think the only way out is to die. There is nothing funny about it.   Logan Paul has a long way to go to show he’s sorry for joking & using video and photos of a suicide victim for clickbait. Is his apology for real?

I am not associated with Logan Paul or his Brand. I do not approve of his actions, nor do I support him or the content he makes.  He is all about diss tracks,  being rude, hurtful and even hateful to others, when my entire platform has always been to Treat People With Kindness.  Its what I have been saying from the very beginning.  That, and to #BeBrave and Stand Up to bullying and talking honestly and candidly about mental illness, because I believe that it’s the best way to help #EndTheStigma.

Recently, I had become aware of the stomach turning video, ‘I found a dead body in the suicide forest’. At first I had thought it was a really poor and cruel joke- but the thing was, it absolutely wasn’t.

Logan Paul and a small group of his friends had gone out to  Aokigahara, or ‘Japanese Suicide forest’. The forest is a common place where people unfortunately end their lives, and there are hundreds of deaths each year. I do not know what he was ‘expecting’, but when he found the body of a victim, he decided to show it.

That’s right. He filmed the man’s body, poorly blurring out his face but giving clear view of the rest of him. He proceeded to laugh a little and make jokes with his friends, and while he claims that was a coping tactic, there was a way to avoid that even being seen- by NOT filming there at all. Or even better, not visiting the site where people end their lives because they’re in so much misery they’d rather die than keep going. To me? That doesn’t sound like a good idea at all -let alone to try and get some Adsense money from YouTube, knowing it would grab quick views., especially having the poor taste to put the body on the thumbnails.

Not only did it cause pain to the victim and his family, it made his young and impressionable viewers have a view of suicide that wasn’t accurate. They had no idea of what happens beforehand, the things that can cause you to get to that point.

As someone who has attempted suicide myself, it haunted me for a while after I watched it.  It still bothers me. How can someone take light of it? The point of the video was obviously not to show the real effects of suicide. It was for shock value.

I will never forget the feeling that there was no other way to end the pain that I was in , other than to die.  I honestly thought the world would be better off without me.  This wasn’t a joke, or funny. It was the very depths of despair.

So now, a few weeks later he puts up an “apology” video.  I will say that the video was a good start but it is NOT enough  Its a small start to what needs to be bg changes if Logan wants to prove that he’s truly sorry and understands his mistakes.  I think he needs to continue to show support to suicide victims, spread awareness, and make sure his young viewers do not view it as something funny. It’s something that so many people have to deal with, and I am one of them.  Mental illness and Suicide have a ripple effect that  touched many people, especially  the families involved. I know what pain my illness and attempt caused my family. and I’m thankful I have people to support me. My Mom has always been my rock and I know upset she was about his videos.  Her pain is shared by loved ones everywhere of people with mental illness.

Logan used a screenshot of an article I was in.  USA Today in 2013 wrote about my story, and it was able to showcase how I came through my difficult times. However, Logan or whoever made the video never asked for my contacted me, and  I would have said NO. I was only even aware  that my photo was in his video was that  a friend told me.

To his fans- I want you to learn and recognize that your idols can make mistakes. But they have to truly show you they’ve changed through actions. Not just one single video, or a large donation. That’s a start -but continuing to show that you learned and were able to grow is how you can tell.  Let’s see how long Logan  continue to work to help the mental health community, and if he will continue his outreach, or will he stop as soon as the furor dies down?

The way to bringing awareness to Mental Illness isn’t by making a joke out of it. Mental illness is real, terrible disease and suicide is just one symptom of it.  It can steal all the joy from peoples lives, in fact, it can steal people lives away from them.  That someone would use  this type of pain as click bait say a lot about the type of person that he is, and the type of society we have become. Maybe it’s just me, but  I’d love to see a world where kindness and positivity  is more valued than meanness and hate.

I think that the world will be watching Logan Paul to see if he has indeed, changed, or if was a media ploy. I’ll be listening, and continuing on my mission to help End The Stigma of Mental Illness.


If you need help, please reach out. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Textline, Free 24/7 Support: Text 741741

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