Making a Difference and Being an Inspiration

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be inspiration to people. I love helping people, no matter what the problem. The first time I found my love for helping people was when hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I watched the news and was heartbroken. Being only 8, I was very confused on what had happened. All I knew was that kids my age were homeless, had no toys or school supplies, and needed to be rescued. I wanted to help, so I had a lemonade stand to help benefit hurricane relief.

(The boot on my leg was because I was just out of a wheelchair due to a broken ankle)1187301_636482386375408_1860454582_n

I felt amazing helping other people! Since then I’ve done tons of other stuff. I had a lemonade stand for “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” To help with cancer research, I wrote and published a book called “Lilly’s Story” And donated all profits to animal shelters around the country. I’m an animal rescuer, and raise dogs and motherless kittens. I know it sounds cheesy, but helping people makes me feel good.

I then started to write on this blog to help teenagers everywhere feel good about themselves. I see so much depression and self hatred around me. Not only on the internet, but at school and in public places. In the school bathrooms I saw girls making themselves throw up and break down crying because they never felt skinny enough, never pretty enough, never good enough.  My guy friends would also complain about being ugly, never being able to get a girlfriend and feeling horribly about themselves. I have personally felt all of these things way too often to just let people feel like that. I had to try and do something to help.

I have talked 52 people in 2013 alone out of suicide, most of whom I do not know.

********That number is way too high and I want every single person who reads this post to know that I think you’re absolutely amazing and beautiful the way you are. Suicide and self harm are never answers. You are worth so much more than you think.*****

One of my biggest inspirations is the band One Direction. One Direction has helped a lot of fans, including my friends and I. Their music is great, especially the song “Little Things”. I love the way they interact and care about their fans so much. They have an anti bullying campaign with Office Depot which I love. They’re active with their fans on twitter, and are absolutely hilarious.  They’re all around great guys from what I can tell, and insanely talented. I would LOVE to meet them and see them preform one day, and maybe even interview them for this blog! It’s a dream of mine.

Find an inspiration to help you through rough patches like myself and so many other people have done, whether it be a band, an actor, a personal friend, whomever. I hope I have helped you in some way, if I know you personally or if you read my posts.

This song is for my readers and friends, I hope you know I love you all to pieces. (:

Little Things

2 Responses to Making a Difference and Being an Inspiration

  1. You have a really beautiful voice! I don’t think I’ve heard this song before but you sing it wonderfully.

  2. Jenny says:

    Ally, you have a beautiful, old soul. Don’t ever change. You are a very pretty girl and I understand your struggles with weight, I have them as well. Like I tell others, I can lose weight, but I will still be me. I will get there when I get there and I am ok with that. I think your wanting to help others is amazing and a gift! You have a beautiful voice, keep singing! 🙂 Peace and love <3

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