Find Project Beauty

Find Project Beauty

I am looking for volunteers for a special project.

I’d like to create a series of photos showcasing all types of people. I’m looking for people of ANY body type, race, age, weight, gender, height, etc. I want a bunch of different looks.

The point of this project is to highlight beauty of all different types. Helping you find beauty in yourself and show it to others. Along with it I will be doing short little interviews as well, so I can add on to the photo with inner beauty. Beauty isn’t always physical either, and I want to highlight on that with adding quotes.
Some are often overlooked or think that they themselves aren’t beautiful and I want to prove to them and the world that they ARE. .
Im asking for people of all different types. I want you to show up in what makes you feel the most confident- makeup or no makeup, sweatpants or a dress, it doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you feel your best. .
Anyone is welcome to do this. You get pictures and featured in the project as well as my blog.


Please reach out to me if you are available for a photo shoot. Right now, I am booking shoots in SouthWest Connectict.

Reach me through Instagram  at AllyDelMonte or the Project email: ProjectFindBeauty@

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