What does it mean to #BeBrave?

To BeBrave, it means to be strong enough to say NO MORE to bullying. It is a simple, but real way to end bullying forever.  If everyone would Be Brave, then bullying would stop.

To Be Brave, you must

  • Stand up FOR the Bullied
  • Stand up TO the Bullies and
  • Stand up FOR yourself.



12 Responses to #BeBrave

  1. Lea Pineda says:

    Hi, I’m too a bullied girl.. Since when I was in grade school. People call me fat. They don’t say it to my face that they don’t like me, but I do feel it and that makes me sadder. But then, time passes, and I have grown all the way up. I’m still fat ya, but I am confident now to myself. And I won’t let anyone to make me feel I am worthless. Because all that they have to say is just an opinion. Not the truth. And whatever they say, I am beautiful.. And I think, if I am not a victim then (until now) , I think I would be weak. The WEAKEST. Because being bullied by others made me work harder in school.. Made me fight for myself, and made me BRAVE. Ally, you were such an inspiration for me. I cried to your story and your story and mine were almost the same. But WE WON’T LET OTHERS DULL OUR SHINE, RIGHT? 🙂 #youareaBLESSING #YouareBEAUTIFULally. ? You were right. KEEP ON SMILING =’)

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  6. Ally i think you story is so amazing, and you are special simply because in your time of being bullied you showed self inpowerment. Which brings me to what i truely want to talk to you about. I am Jarred Kilgore and I am from a program called YAT (Young Actors Theatre). It is a company that works on self inpowerment through Acting. The special devision i am in is called “THE COURT” in wich we go from place to place in the state of Indiana to prform Inspiring shows about not bullinging, and when you are bullied how to be brave enough to speak out rather than feel traped enough to result to things such as self harm. After reading your story and watching your video from last October I want to reach out to you inorder to see if we could use you as an insiration for a piece we are putting together and build it off of your experience? Also i was hoping you could look us up at http://www.yatkids.org and see what we are all about then hopefully put us out in you blog so how and help us get out so we can help the anti-bullying cause. Please Email me – Jarred142018@gmail.com

  7. brant says:

    Hi I am 15 and bullied… I have been bullied all my life and even now. Along side with that I have a lot of problems going on in other aspects of my life and I feel trapped.please email me if you have any helpful advice.

  8. Erica says:

    i was bullied all my life, i finally got it to stop when i had my music to listen to, but that isnt the only thing that got me to be strong and stand up for what i am. My friends had a big part in it! they helped me through it all. I went to the school and teachers and no one ever helped me, yeah two of my teachers stood up for me but it got worse as i went. It went from them saying i was lesbian to throwing gum in my hair, and hitting me. It finally ended when my friends and i stood up to them. Everyone is beautiful in there own way, and i know im beautiful the way i am.

  9. Natalie says:

    #allydelmonte. Wow, you have an incredible story! i have to show my friend this. She is getting bullied because she has autism.

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