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It’s Valentine’s Day- and Who Loves Me?

My Valentine this year is myself. And no, that isn’t meant to be in a depressing or ‘forever alone’ type of way, it’s because I’m continually learning to be in love with myself. It’s been a hard couple of years. Transitioning to a teenager to an adult who is kind of lost on where I’m going, it’s a bit scary. And so far, I’ve been working on my overall health. Mental, Physical and emotional. I will admit, it’s not easy.

I am honest on this blog, and I will say I haven’t been writing. There really isn’t any excuse for that other than lack of motivation and writers block. I would start new posts and stop in the middle, never getting around to finishing them. Another reason I’ve been so offline is for the past year I’ve really been struggling with my depression and anxiety. The depression has been getting better, though the winter is always challenging, but the anxiety seems to get worse. It makes me overthink what I post, how I’m being portrayed on the internet, how others think of me… but it’s been a while and thankfully I have an incredible family around me as a support system.

It has been a journey into loving myself.

I’ll admit there are many days I am unhappy with what I see in the mirror; and that’s why I’ve been on the road to changing it. I’ve been eating well, exercising a bit more, and using meditation. It’s helped both my body and my mind become a lot healthier. In 2016, I came to the realization that I am not healthy. I’m not. Being obese is not healthy and it’s hurting me. My back hurts, as do my knees, I get out of breath easily, It’s hard to be comfortable in my own body- and that is not okay with me.


But the difference with me now is, I’m learning to love myself at all stages. I’m loving myself now, I’m loving myself 30 pounds down, I’ll love myself when I lose 100 pounds. I refuse to say I hate my body, because I don’t. I never will. It’s the one constant I have in my life, but I want to change it to be more comfortable. I know I will never be tiny, and I don’t want that. I am perfectly content being plus size my entire life, I just want to be a healthy weight, and keep up a healthy mindset.

That is why my valentine is myself. I am the most important person to me right now, and that is okay. It is not selfish, It is what I need to better myself. I love myself, and you should love yourself,  too.

Never Losing Myself

A poem about my health journey-

I will not hate my body
I will not hate the folds of skin
The rolls on my stomach
Or size of my arms
I will not let hatred win
On my journey to health
I will love myself
As I shrink down pound by pound
I will love my skin
I will appreciate my body
The one I’m forever to live in
Because I am me
Plump or thin
It is necessary to make a change
And slowly I am doing so
And I will love myself the entire way
My mind is grown

I am not doing this
For a soul but myself
I love me
And want to feel better
So I will improve my health
I don’t want the aches
Or the shortness of breath
But as I lose pounds
I won’t lose myself
In truth I am unfit
And my body needs to get better
But I will keep my mind in great shape, too
No matter what size the sweater

-Ally Del Monte

High Strung Movie Shows The World You Can Do Anything

You know how sometimes you see a movie and it leaves you feeling  lighter, somehow? Like you’re filled with dreams and positivity and hope?  That’s what  I felt like after watching a preview of  High Strung. It is one of those shows that you know is going to be on your list for watching if you’re ever feeling down.


The official  description is :

In a city where only the best succeed, two radically talented people from opposite sides of the tracks need to find harmony to achieve their dreams.

RUBY ADAMS is a dancer from the Midwest on scholarship, living her first day in New York City. JOHNNIE BLACKWELL is a British musician, playing for money in the subway tunnels. Ruby’s world is classical and disciplined; Johnnie’s is improvisational and street smart. When a hip-hop battle gone wrong throws these two artists together, they immediately clash but can’t deny it when sparks begin to fly. Their lives quickly get entangled in the pitfalls that come with competing in New York City. With the help of a dynamic dance crew called The SwitchSteps, Ruby and Johnnie must find a way to save Ruby’s scholarship and keep Johnnie from being deported.

In an action-packed extravaganza combining cutting edge hip-hop with contemporary and classical dance, the two must navigate their opposing worlds and prepare for a competition where winning or losing will change their lives forever.

 It’s where you learn to trust in yourself, and the knowledge that you know you have what it takes.

Watch the High Strung trailer:

High Strung is an incredible showing of wanting something badly enough to give it 110% will help you get there. It’s when you learn to  #BeBrave and stand up for what you know: You ARE good enough, you ARE talented, you Do have worth and you’re going to show the world!

The show opens April 8th in theaters,and I can tell you,  I will see it again.


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Disclosure: I have been compesated to express my opinion on this movie, which is MINE- I really did love this movie and am planning on seeing it again at a theater with friends.