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Hi!  I’m Ally.  When I was 13, I was overwhelmed from years of bullying and I tried to kill myself.  This blog is part of MY STORY.  Thankfully,  my Mom found me in time and after a lot of work and love, I’m doing GREAT.   I’m 17, in 12th grade, (I’m home schooled) and I live in Connecticut.

My story is so much more than being bullied.  I love to teach others that you are fabulous and wonderful today!  You don’t have to change.

I used to be call this blog Losergurl.  I used that name because people would call me a loser, and I wanted to prove that I was the best damn loser they ever knew.   The truth is, I’m not a loser. I never was. I am simply– Ally.


I want to help end bullying. I think I know how. You simple have to #BeBrave.

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My passions include animal rescue, writing songs (and blog posts!), motivational speaking, and I love to sing, subscribe to me on youtube! – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQbb4D4pY5y5HaUIuU9l3nw


Fun facts-

  • My favorite colors are black, white, and red
  • I have 3 dogs and 3 cats
  • I rescue animals off the streets and foster them for the local animal shelter
  • I have a really weird music taste. I LOVE Demi Lovato and One Direction, but I also am a huge fan of Escape the Fate, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, ect. I really like older music also, like Frank Sinatra. I really like Nirvana also…
  • I taught myself how to play the piano and guitar by ear, and it’s one of my favorite pastimes.
  • I write songs a lot. I’ve written over 100 in the past year.
  • My favorite subjects to study are English and Social Studies
  • I’m nocturnal… I can never fall asleep at night, but I can sleep all day.
  • I can’t dance for my life ( I look like a decapitated chicken when I try)
  • My middle name is Dianne
  • I’m originally from Westchester County, New York.
  • My favorite foods are chicken Parmesan, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and banana smoothies.
  • My favorite animal is a tiger or snow leopard.
  • I love pictures, and I’m a photographer.

I love to help people. As cheesy as this may sound, it brings me real happiness to help others and help them feel good.

I have gone to hell and back, and I never want anyone to feel that way again. I want for other teenagers to know that  they are not alone. I got through it, so can you.

**** I do not claim to be an angel, or innocent in any way. I can sometimes be mean.

Everyone can be. No one is perfect.****

I really like to get comments and I try to answer them when I can.  All my comments have to be approved. No anonymous comments are posted.  If I am brave enough to write my story, then you have to be brave enough to leave your name.

I really like talking to my readers, don’t be afraid to reach out to me! I don’t judge people based on ethnic back ground, weight, or their past. Everyone makes mistakes. As long as you’re a nice person, I’m cool with you.

Instagram- allydelmonte  twitter- @Ally_DelMonte  Email:  ally   @  allydelmonte. com




39 Responses to About Me

  1. alyssagrioli says:

    ALLY YOU ARE SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL AND DONT FORGET IT, you inspired me for sooo many things!!

  2. alexagraves says:

    Ally, dont let anyone ever put you down. You are beautiful and everyone knows it. Some people are really immature. My mom told me when I was little, “Dont ever be anyone else but yourself.” I thought it was funny at the time, i thought, “How could I be anyone else?” But now that im older I see some people change themselves to please others… Dont ever change yourself. I love you Ally. Your a good person and a great friend <3

  3. Cheyenne says:


  4. Chelsey says:

    You’re beautiful. I’m not just saying that either. Some people say it like they have too. Oh, here’s an overweight girl, let me tell her that she’s beautiful and it’ll make me look like a better person. You are honestly beautiful. I don’t even know you, as it seems the people above me do. I saw you on the Revolution, pure inspiration. I live in California and told my whole class about you. My teacher immediately searched you, having been inspired by your story. She stumbled across your blog. She put it on the smartboard for the whole class to look at. More than half the girls in my class are overweight. More than half the girls in my grade are overweight. My teacher talked to the other teachers in my grade, all of them have viewed your blog, including all their classes. You have a good heart. All the girls, even the boys look up to you. You’re an inspiration, Ally. I wish you all the luck in this weightloss journey. My school and I are rooting for you. Xoxo from California <3

  5. Robin says:

    Hello there, Ally! How are you today?
    I just finished reading your Mom’s Comment on my blog over at http://www.BlogHer.com How ‘neat” to see all you are doing with yourself and all you have done in the past. You’ll noticed I said the word “neat” and put quotes around it. That’s because that’s a word I used when I was your age. Neat was an in word that meat “cool” or “rad”, no wait…that’s too old as well…how about awesome…you’ve heard of “awesome.” Right? “Neat” meant awesome back in 1964 when I was 13!

    I really like your blog and your book. You sure are accomplishing lots with your talents. I will be back to visit. I hope you will come visit my blog as well. I am having a series of things about teenagers, that maybe you would enjoy. See what you think and let me know! Much Love, Fondly, Robin


  6. Samantha says:

    Ally, I am taking a class at my school, and we are reading the magazine “Choices” I recently had to write about you and the two other boys that also had the similar story as you. You are pretty much my role model! I am also a little bigger and it’s not so fun. I do get picked on but not as much, and i am also on the cheer leading team. There are two other heavier girls and i love them to death!
    Anyways, this website has really made me think, “hey, who cares what people think, it doesn’t make them any better, right?! So why give them the attention that they are craving for!” Thank you for sharing your story, i will defintiley keep your story with me! 🙂

  7. kierra says:

    ally you are a good person and anyone who bullyied you is probably jealous because they aint got a good personality like you do and my great grandma always told me to not yourself fat but hefty you are beautiful just being you and dont let anyone change that whoever is suffering and putting up with being bullyied i hope they get a chance to read your blog god bless all of you and i will pray for you ally because you are a good person and god is smilimg down at you because he is very very very pround of you 😀

  8. danazeidan says:

    omg..ally your so awsome brave and strong i wish i was like you <3

  9. Taylor says:

    I read about you in a current health magazine your stories amazing. I didn’t have the courage to try something I wanted to do ,dance, but, you inspired me to try it and I really love it. Me and my friends say never mind what haters say ignore em till they fad away! 🙂 <3

  10. Abie says:

    i’m always self conscious about myself but you, ally, are amazing! i always look up to you

  11. Kaimana says:

    Ally thank you soo much!! ur story really helped my friend and now she is super confident and I never saw her this happy in my life! I would just like 2 say that ur a super pretty and strong girl and that u changed my friends life 😀 o ya and ur story made it’s way 2 Hawaii and u made so much people in my class feel better. Mahalo from all of us in the aloha state<3

  12. Brooke says:

    ally u r beautiful and don’t let anyone tell u otherwise i wish u the best with ur weight loss 🙂

  13. Jaide says:

    i feel your pain.im super skinny,and get picked on for it,ALOT. like jeez Jaide,how come you cant gain weight,or why are you so skinny,double up on the twinkies,and alot of other rude remarks. i let them get to me even though i shouldnt, and it seems like its not stopping,and never will. Ally,your such an inspiration,and even though i found you in a scholastic magazine in health class,your starting to show me how to be a bigger person,and not let things get to me like they do. thanks Ally!(:

    • Maria says:

      jaide firdt off hi my names maria!!
      i know how u feel except i get picked on cuz im fat, i dont know if u do sport but u prob do cuz u said your so skinny. but i was gonna sugjest a sport that really increases your muscles, u know muscles mean more weight on your legs. a good sport is irish dance i do irish dance and am losing body fat… i think but gaing muscle weight hope this helped just ignore the haters and find some supportive people i knoe its harder than it sound but u always have ncie people out there fyi i always am a friend to those who ask for it.

  14. Peiton Grant says:

    I read a magazine about you at school that is great! I decided to check out your website it so cool. I like it.
    Peiton I am in sixth grade . Nice to see your website.

  15. justin rudd says:

    your a nice person keep it up

  16. Keyri says:

    wow so i’m not alone i’m fat and i know i am and my mom tells me alot but i’ve learn something about me i’m fat but i don’t that much sometimes my mom makes me eat she gets worried but i can’t eat at times i feel like throwing up but idk thank you anyways for being such a great girl ^^ your very pretty (my mom things so too) i hope you get as pretty as you want to like i am

  17. I have a 13 year old daughter that I am recommending your blog to. You are an amazing, inspiring young lady. Keep rockin Ally. It is people like you who will make the World we live in a better place to be.

  18. Gina Marie says:

    You are NOTT fat!!! Ur very beautiful and God Made big boned girls ( like me) to make this world more unique! How BORING would it be if everyone was to the bone skinny? ugh! lol

  19. char says:

    Just saw u on the news so inspiring!! Good 4 u!

  20. Kayla says:

    Dear Ally,
    your story about being overweight and getting over inspired me to follow your footsteps and forget the comments. i am also overweight and other kids comments and laughter stopped me from doing the things i love to do most, which is swimming, writing, and singing. i hope you can give me support and give me some more tips on how to get more life moving again and be healthier.


    • Maria says:

      ignore all the haters. i am fat too and i became a vegetarian and it not working but maybe trie two sports thats what im trying!! i hope it works out i hate all the mean people i wish i was skinny so pwople wouldnt bully me :_(

  21. isabel says:

    hey girl. you are doing an amazing thing here. it’s really inspiring and i’m really really happy for you. so keep doing what youre doing. youre absolutely stunning by the way. youve done some beautiful things

  22. jilley root says:

    Ally I am sort is like you people see my fat and not my personality and I want you to know you are not alone and I found your article and shared it with my class<3

  23. Abbie says:

    Ally, you are soooo brave!!! I love your blog and i hope you keep posting!!!!!! Your doing awesome things and i hope you continue to keep your head up!! -abbie xoxo

  24. Jasmine says:

    you’re really brave…. for me it’s really hard to ignore all the negative comments about my weight. now i’m starting high school in less than two months and i’m terrified that i might get picked on again!

  25. Aly says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for speaking out and sharing your feelings. I was bullied as a child as well. It hurts a lot. Thankfully I had a strong, wonderfully supportive and loving family to help me through it. Now I’m an adult (35) and I now know that when someone picks on you or teases you, it’s really a reflection of their own insecurities and fears. They want to make themselves feel better by putting you down. My mother always told me this, but as a kid I just couldn’t see it. But now I do. Hang in there. It gets better. Generally speaking, most adults are kinder than kids. You have a wonderful life ahead of you. Enjoy it, and forget the haters. 😉

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  27. savannah says:

    Hi ally! My teacher had us to read your story and it really inspired me, i have a question for you though…… I have a friend and she’s going threw a lot right now, parents were arested, going through a lot of heart break as well, she tried to recently commit suicide and thank the Lord that her family member saw her and stop this from occurring, I’m really scared for her and have tried convincing her to stop, I need your advice on what to tell her, Please help

  28. Anne says:

    Hi Ally:
    I’m a mom of a teenage son. I love your empathy, acceptance and kindness — and how you work to spread that to others. You are such a light. I very much admire you in your honesty and activism against bullying, helping animals, exploring creativity through music and your blog. Brava!

  29. Mrs Sugg says:

    This is really cool

  30. you are beatiful no matter what people say i got bulled from other kids and i standed up to them and im only 9 years old but you are gorgeous and pritty and your nice but if i lived by you and i was your age i would be your friend

  31. Gabriel Taylor says:


    I just read your story and watched a video about you. It brought tears to my eyes that you had to go through that. It is wonderful that you found the strength to keep on going! We would have been robbed of a beautiful young woman otherwise.
    I have shared your story and site with my oldest child who has suffered under bullies for being homosexual and transgender. I know your story will touch him in a way that I cannot and give him the strength to keep on going.

    God bless!

    • Ally says:

      Thank you, Gabriel. I’m so sorry that your son is being bullied. Please tell him he can email me at Ally @ losgergurl.com if he wants to talk.

  32. Victoria says:

    I was reading a bullying article and in the comments section I guess your mom commented and added your website… so I went here. Your website is so inspiring! Actually, in elementary school, a former friend of mine tried to bully me but I surrounded myself with a group of close friends and when they found they had nothing to use against me, they ignored me. And that was great. To all of you out there who feel alone, you are the ones that make yourself alone by pushing others away. Some things are meant to be handled by yourself but 9 times out of 10, they get out of hand and you’ll need to have others behind you. IDK what I am. I’m not skinny and I’m not overweight. I’m me. I’m a dancer so I have muscle… big deal. My mother once said to me “Tori, you couldn’t be ‘too’ anything if you tried.” Ally, you should check out “Mrs. Potato Head”, one of Melanie Martinez’s new songs on her album. I think it really relates to some of the topics you are discussing.

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