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There are a lot of things I have been in my life:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Confused
  • Depressed
  • Angry
  • Hopeless
  • Hopeful

But the thing I am most proud of, is that I decided to be Brave. Brave enough to stand up to the bullies, stand up for the bullied, and to finally, thankfully, stand up for myself.  I nearly killed myself because I was bullied.  My story, sadly, isn’t that unique, except that the bullies didn’t know I was overweight because of a medical problem, all they saw was a fat girl. They didn’t see ME, the girl inside. I had to learn to be brave, and get stronger.  Here’s a song I composed and wrote about it.   We should all learn to #BeBrave, and we can help end bullying.

Sometimes, you need to Be More Than A Bystander  and by standing up for  or standing with someone is the best way to help them.  Please share if you know someone who needs a little courage, a little strength,  some hope, and love. Help them #BeBrave.


Many many thanks to my friend Miette for filming and producing this video.

Be Brave and End Bullying Tip 22

Today is Day 22- and a tip that might not be easy, but is important!


It’s simple- if your friends are bullying, you need to tell them, and ask them to stop. Many times, they don’t know what they are doing is bullying, and you can tell them. Sometimes they know exactly what they are doing, and you should call them out. Either way, you really shouldn’t be afraid to let them know that they are bullying, and it’s not acceptable.  Being a good friend means being honest, and being real. Being a real friend means keeping it real.

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Be Brave and End Bullying Tip 21

tip21.jpgIt’s Day 21 of tips to help #BeMoreThanABystander and help end bullying.


Have you ever read  a Twitter stream or gotten a group message that was totally bullying someone? Or worse, about you?   I have, and it nearly broke me. It was cyber-bullying that pushed me over the edge and made me want to kill myself.   I know it’s awful to think that you’re a snitch, or a tattle-tale, but  sometimes you just have to report online bullying and make sure it stops.

Report it, Report it to the outlet that the bullies are using, and report it to adults that can help stop it. It’s not  tattling, it could really help someone.  Bullying has no place on social media.


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