Monthly Archives: November 2015

What I Am Scared Of

Today Did something BIG.  I made a decision that I’ve been wrestling with for quite some time. I also decided to do something that I’m really scared of.

I decided to start to try and get healthy. Physically.  And I’m terrified.

I’m also very proud of myself.


This isn’t about changing my body because I don’t like who I am.   It’s about changing my body because I FINALLY like who I am.

I’m not doing this to get into smaller jeans or to rock out a certain outfit. I’m doing it because I’m scared for my health. With the problems I’ve already had with my health, the extra weight I’m carrying can only cause more problems. My Mom has diabetes. My dad has a heart condition. My little brother has asthma. I need to get healthier.  I will do it.

I could use some support, and some cheering, because this is the first time I’ve tried to do this and I’m terrified.  Terrified to fail. Terrified to succeed. Terrified of doing nothing.  So, I’m making my move.

Here I go.