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Donating To Goodwill is cleaning up and helping out

I love to shop.  I love clothes.  I know I’ve written before that I have a hard time finding cool clothing in my size, but one of my favorite things to  do is to head down to Goodwill and check out what I can find there.  I usually find something that I can add my own special twist to and make a great outfit.  But, I don’t only shop at Goodwill, I also donate to Goodwill.

The revenue from the sale of my donations helps fund job training and placement opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantages directly in my community. That’s cleaning with a purpose! It’s not just about cleaning up my room and donating stuff I don’t really use.  It’s so much more!

In my town, we’re in the middle of building a brand new bigger Goodwill. In fact, the Goodwill in our neighboring town is so popular that there is often nowhere to park!   I love that so many in my area are helping not only with local jobs, but by buying recycled items!

So, here’s a peek at some stuff I donated:


  • 12 Shirts
  • 3 dresses
  • 1 Pair of leggings
  • 2 light Jackets
  • 4 tanks
  • 2 pair of shoes

And by using the Donations Impact Calculator, I can see that I’ve helped with 2.5 hours of on-the-job training!

impactgoodwill.jpgThese days, its so easy to buy, buy, buy new things because trends happen so fast. We all end up with so many things that we don’t know what to do with- well, donate them to Goodwill!  Not only will you be helping the earth, you’ll be helping people in your community with jobs and training.

What will you donate?

Every Body Is a Bathing Suit Body

It’s summer.   That means that school has ended. Graduations have happened.  The weather has gotten warmer, and things are more relaxed.  Than means time spent with friends outside at the park, at the pool, at the beach, lots of places.  It also means time for bathing suits and judgment.   Whether you are too fat or too skinny to fit the impossible ideal of what others deems as a “bathing suit body”, you can be ridiculed for how you look. Some people will say you shouldn’t be wearing a bathing suit and if you do,  you open yourself up to being shamed.  I say:


every Body Has A Bathing Suit Body

Every. single. body.  is a bathing suit body. EVERY ONE.

Got rolls? Thigh rub? A big stomach, flat stomach, no hips, big hips, big boobs, little boobs, one boob, no boobs, thin thighs, thick thighs, stretch marks, skinny legs, big butt, flat butt?   You still have a bathing suit body.

You have a body that houses a wonderful, amazing person who deserves to enjoy summer, no, life in whatever clothing you want to wear. Just like everyone else.  You deserve to NO LONGER hide yourself away from summer fun for fear of being seen in a bathing suit, and judged.

Can’t we just agree that everyone has a body….. and everyone can wear a bathing suit?   Can we agree to see people for the PERSON that they are, not an object to be judged?  I promise you,  your kids, friends, and loved ones want to spend time with YOU, and they are not thinking about what you look like in your bathing suit  They are too busy having a good time with you.

The pain is real. Judgment and shaming hurts. A lot.  I know. Last summer was the first summer in years that I’d even wear a bathing suit.    For years I hid behind long shorts, long tee shirts and  even in the house to avoid opening myself up to more judgment.  I never wore a bathing suit.  But that has stopped.  It wasn’t easy, but I made a promise to myself that I was going to love ME, and that included my body.   Sure, there are changes I want to make, but as it is, right now, right this very minute I promise to honor it and myself by skipping the shame and putting on my bathing suit, and joining in the fun.

It wasn’t easy, It isn’t easy. But, it’s important to Love The Skin You’re In.

Love the Skin You're InSo this summer let’s all skip the shaming and put in a bathing suit, ok?


The awesome cartoon was drawn for me by my pals Stephanie and Kelly. You have to check out their awesome cartoons about real life! 

Life Can Be Bright Again

4 Minutes.   What can you do in 4 minutes?

You can heat up a frozen pizza in the microwave. You can run to the bathroom during commercials watching a TV show.  You can maybe swap the clothes from the washer to the dryer, and start it.  It’s not enough time to empty the dishwasher. It’s also not enough time to watch a whole show, or to play a video game.

But, in 4 minutes,  13 teens in the US attempted suicide.   Think about that.

In the time that it took for you to make lunch, 13 teens reached their breaking point, and tried to kill themselves. Let that sink in.

4 minutes. 13 teens.

Sometimes it just takes ONE MINUTE. One minute to decided that you can’t handle the pain anymore before you make that move. I know. I tried.  When I had enough that I decided to die would be easier, less painful than living, it took just one minute.

It has taken years to get better.  It took MONTHS to decided to live. A YEAR to enjoying living again.  But, I got there. I am better.  With my Moms help, counseling and a lot of work, I decided to be brave and take a chance on being happy again.  I am HAPPY.  I was in a place where I thought that I could never ever climb out of, and yet, I did. Inch by inch, second by second, I climbed my out of the depths of despair to a place where life is GOOD again.   I had decided to #BeBrave.

Train wrote a song. “Give It All” that really brings it into perspective.  It’s a heartbreaking song, and the video, well, it broke my heart. Mainly because of how hard my Mom sobbed at the video.  She told me that she she thought, actually, she STILL thinks about how she would have dealt with the loss if I had succeeded.  I think about how hard it was to decide that life was worth living.  I also think about how THANKFUL I am.

“Hopeless with no faith that life can change and shine bright again”

That’s how I felt.  But I was WRONG. Life CAN change. It CAN be bright again.  That is why I share my story. This is why I teach people to be Brave. Because if you can just be brave for ONE MORE DAY,  it will change. It will get bright again.

“‘Give It All’ is an important song to me,” says Train front man Pat Monahan. “The song is about the deep losses in my life, as most of us have also experienced.” He continues, “When we approached SoulPancake about producing this project, they instantly got what we were trying to do. We all want to make this not just another music video, but one that can inspire and empower people. The dancers, Izzy and Ashleigh, are two teenagers who endure the struggles as millions of others their age.  It’s heartbreaking to think that so many will view their situation as hopeless with no faith that life can change and shine bright again. With the help of SoulPancake, we want to be a voice for those who are struggling, to those who have pressed through and those who are healing.”

Have faith. (3)I’ve been writing a lot lately about DancingMan Sean O’Brien and how powerful being able to dance, or NOT being able to dance can make you feel. The dancing in this video is amazing. Izzy and Ashleigh are quite simply,breathtaking.

Take a minute, please to watch the video. It’s worth even second of the 4 minutes that it lasts.  And think again, at the end, about the 13 kids that tried to die during those 4 minutes. Think about learning to #BeBrave and help stand up to bullying. Every single person who decides that they will Be More Than A Bystander can help save a life.  Like I say in my song, Brave, It’s will get better… if you just stay….. Brave.