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Being More Than A Bystander in 2015

It’s a brand new year. There will be 365 fresh, bright new days ahead of us that we can use in whichever way we’d like. This year I’m not going to try to change myself, I’m going to try and change something else that needs  changing. My resolution is different this year.

ResolveNot only do kids that are being bullied need help learning how to be strong, but parents need help learning how to help guide their kids. When I was being bullied, My Mom often told me a lot of advice that was old and outdated.  After things were better, she told me that she didn’t realize that things were so different now than when she was young, and bullied.  She told me she wished that she had someplace to turn that would have helped her help me.  That’s why this year, my Mom and I are working together to help stop bullying. We’re sharing with people how to Be More Than A Bystander and learn how to stand up bullying. We’re talking about my message to #BeBrave.

We’re talking about taking a stand against bullying.

We’ll also be sharing a tip a day on how to help beat bullying. Each day will be another  way to stand up and say ENOUGH, no more, bullying isn’t welcome here.


2015 will be the year we step up our game and help make some serious changes against bullying.

Will you help?  You can sign the petition, make  a donation, or simply read our tips,  daily and act on them.  There are no actions that are too small. Each step is the beginning of a big journey.