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Fat Girl Costumes at Walmart

When you’re plus sized, Halloween can be downright scary. Not the ghost and ghouls, but finding a costume.  It seems that whoever makes costumes thinks that nearly everyone who is female wants to be a “sexy” version of something- and they make the costumes based on that.  Every year I have a hard time finding a costume that will cover my butt, my boobs, and my arms. (Not only to cover myself, but OMG, it’s OCTOBER, people, and I live in Connecticut- it’s COLD)  I usually spend hours searching for a costume I like and that will work for my body. In fact, after being told I was too fat to be a Princes years ago,  this year, we made a Princess Costume that I could wear and feel like a real Princess in- all while at Disney World’s Mickey’s Halloween Party. (I’m not- by the way, anyone can be a princess!).

While I was looking for something less poufy and easier to trick or treat in, I took a quick look at Walmart to see if they had something I can use. I was searching Halloween online and I found a bunch of costumes. Some even appropriate!   All I had to do was to look for the


Yes, you read right. look at how Walmart categorized the plus sized costumes.


Really, Walmart? Is that how you feel about a good portion of your customer?  Major retailers have shown for a while they do not care about their plus sized customers, based on their teeny tiny plus sized sections – maybe 4-5 racks of clothing if you are lucky, showing that the approximately 67 percent of Americans who are “plus sized”  they (and their money) aren’t important enough to carry a decent amount of stylish clothing-  but honestly, to be called “Fat” on the Walmart website shocked me.

Calling people FAT, Walmart, isn’t a Trick, or a Treat. It’s an insult, and another reason to not shop in your store.

*Update: Walmart has apologized for their gaffe on BuzzFeed and promises to never let their fat hating thoughts go public again:

“We first heard about it this morning — our teams immediately engaged, we’re working to remove it as soon as possible and make sure it never happens again,” Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala told BuzzFeed News.

“This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize,” Jariwala added. “We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again.”

I’m still never shopping there again. I shop at places that make it clear they value me and my shopping dollars. Most plus sized sections  are hidden in the back of the store, with one or two lousy racks of old lady clothes. NEWS FLASH, Just because we wear a size bigger than 10 does not mean we all need or want to wear mom jeans, crazy prints, and everything black. Finding clothing that I like as a plus sized teen is hard, finding a place to buy it is harder.  I found 5 good places to get plus sized teen clothing, and I spend my hard earned money there. I’ll never shop at a place that makes fun of me.

A Princess At Any Size

I remember it clearly. I was 10 years old. My family and I were on our first vacation at Disney World, and we were going to a Pirate and Princess Party. We didn’t know that it was a costume party but no problem, my Mom said she’s take me to get a Princess Dress. We headed off in the land of Princesses to get me a gown. Except, they didn’t have one for me.
I was in the beginning of Thyroid and Lyme Disease. My illness’ and medication caused my weight to skyrocket. We searched and searched for a Princess dress, but we couldn’t find one I  was way too big for the kids costumes, and the adult costumes wouldn’t work for me. I heard my Mom asking the lady at the shop for something, ANYTHING for me, and she said, “I’m sorry, shes too big for the costumes we have here” But all I heard was:

“She’s too fat to be a Princess”

I cried. I cried, because I was I was too fat to be a princess. All the princesses I idolized looked alike. They were all tiny and perfect. I felt so sad because I thought I could never be like them. I was only 10 years old, and I was heartbroken because I thought I would never be good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough to be the person, the PRINCESS that I wanted to be. I could never be a Princess. it was the beginning of the end of my ability to believe in myself.  It was beginning of my no longer loving myself. It was the early days of my story.

I just turned 16, and instead of a big party I asked for a family trip. I chose to go to Disney World. Our trip is right in the middle of Halloween, and I knew I could wear a costume. This time going in, I felt better about myself. I’m happy. I know I don’t have to look a certain way to be who I want to be. My Mom, her best friend Jane, and I came up with an idea. It’s still hard to find a Princess Gown in my size. but we decided to make our own. My Mom bought some curtains from a thrift shop and she and Jane came up with a perfect gown.-A MAGICAL Princess dress to prove to my 10 year old self that I AM a princess, and I don’t have to look a certain way to be one.  I am MY OWN PRINCESS.

AllyPrincessI’ve learned that no matter your shape, size, or however you look you CAN be a Princess. You can be whatever you want to be.
A Princess isn’t a size, it’s a state of mind. It’s loving yourself no matter what. It’s how to see yourself INSIDE. Its becoming your OWN Princess and not buying into stereotypes. It’s making your OWN magic!

You can be a prince or princess. You can be anything you In that gown, swishing through a amazing land of castles, Princes, Princesses and Magic, I knew without a doubt, I was – I AM a Princess. Then again, I always WAS one (My Grandma told me so). I just had to realize it.

I was a Princess all along.



National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.   We hear a lot about bullying when there is another  suicide- and there are many suicides. Each year in the U.S., approximately 2 million U.S. adolescents attempt suicide, and almost 700,000 receive medical attention for their attempt.  For young people 15-24 years old, suicide is the second leading cause of death.

Bullying contributes to much of that. I know. I wanted to die because I was bullied.  Thankfully I’m fine now, but I have thought long and hard about what would have helped me, and it was simple: #BeBrave

If just one person had decided to #BeBrave and stand up for me, and stand up to my bullies when I was too weak to do so, it would have changed my world.

Most bullies will back down when confronted.  If one person had said- hey, stop tweeting her, quit being mean, stop spitting on her,  LEAVE HER ALONE!  YOU ARE A BULLY! Perhaps things would have ended and I would not have lost 18 months of my life fighting back against depression.

That’s it. It’s that simple, and that hard.  To end bullying, all you have to do is #BeBrave and stand up for someone who needs a champion. Stand up and tell someone, “hey, that’s not cool, cut it out”, or to come over and say “sorry, that was really mean” when they witness bullying.  Being brave is getting help, a teacher, a cop, a parent, anyone to see what’s going on and help it to stop.  If you let people know bullying isn’t acceptable to you, and will not be tolerated around you,  then it won’t happen.

We can end bullying.  All we have to do is to Stand Up and Be Brave.


Have you witnessed bullying? What do you think you can do to help stop bullying?