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Daily Shows Racism Is Still Around

Last night, on the Daily Show there was a skit regarding terrorist groups and in an attempt to be funny, the show called one of the boys in One Direction a terrorist. In a segment with Jon Stewart, correspondent Jessica Williams “reported” on some new terrorist groups Americans may not know about. At one point, Williams jokes,

“Just as you were talking, a new terrorist group formed, with one member each from ISIS, al-Nusra, Al Qaeda, Hamas, One Direction and the Zetas drug cartel.”

Zayn Malik

There is only one person in One Direction who is Muslim. There is only one person in One Direction is of Middle Eastern descent. (He is half Caucasian, half Pakistani) That is Zayn Malik.
One Directions, and Zayn’s fans reacted to the slight, crying foul. In fact, trending on Twitter is the hastag: #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar, where fans expressed outrage and disgust that Zayn would be targeted for being a terrorist, simply based on his name and ethnicity. Some people said the fans were overreacting, but what they are really reacting to is the racism and prejudice being shown.zayn1zayn1

The outrage is about a person being called a terrorist because of his race. The outrage is being told that we can live in a world where racism can end, but having it used as a way to make jokes and get a laugh. The outrage is a persons worth being based on his religion. The outrage is that the youth of today is TRYING to to move past the shackles of hate and prejudice and moving toward judging a person by his actions, not the color of the skin or the place he worships.
I personally am proud to be part of a group that will stand up and take a stand against bullying and hatred. John Stewart and his writers should be ashamed of themselves. When they poke fun of politicians who make public statements that’s fair game. But making fun of a kind, giving person simply because he is a Muslim is unacceptable.

Is Harassment Humorous?

Recently, I came across a video on YouTube that disgusted me. Sam Pepper, a YouTuber, posted a video titled “Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank”* which showed him asking for directions with a fake hand in his pocket, and his real hand would reach around and pinch a girl’s bottom. Prank? Am I supposed to find sexual harassment funny? I don’t think it is.

Sexual harassment is bullying in it’s basic form. Bulling is never funny. Why, then, is degrading attention and harassment toward  woman ever considered funny?

Sam Pepper put up new (back-peddling) video talking about the “prank”, which he says was a “social experiment” and the girls in the video apparently knew the concept of the video. Regardless of it being a “prank”, or even scripted, it is the absolute wrong way to raise awareness of sexual harassment. In other videos, he has done things such as “How To Make Out With Strangers”, “How to Steal a Girlfriend” and “How To Pick Up Girls With A Lasso”. All of which, show “unsuspecting” girls being harassed, belittled, and ridiculed. People argue that the girls were comfortable with it, as they just nervously laugh it off. But some girls don’t know how to respond to sexual harassment. Not all girls will outwardly say that they’re uncomfortable, or tell the person to knock it off. Even when told “I don’t like that…” In the video, he still proceeded to laugh and touch the girl anyway. How is that acceptable? When we allow people to make jokes about it, and not take NO to mean NO seriously, we are sending a message that harassing woman is ok -that it is funny and acceptable. Apparently Sam thinks disrespecting women is humorous. but I’m not laughing. It’s not funny. It’s bullying.


Making harassment into a joke, making people them think it’s funny is all wrong. Sexual harassment is not funny. And It never will be.

*I purposely didn’t link to the video so I would not help promote the video, nor his profit from the clicks it receives.