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Top 5 Places for Plus Size Teen Clothes

Finding cute clothes that make you feel good about yourself can be hard.  When you’re a plus sized teenager, it’s almost impossible!  I live in a small town in Connecticut, and every time I go shopping is a hassle. The stores in my town, such as Kohl’s or TJ Maxx offer very little variety. The sections that used to home plus sized clothing have now shrunk to 1 or maybe 2 racks.  Even our local mall offers few selections for younger plus sixes people. Thank GOD for online shopping!    Part of feeling good about yourself is looking they way you want to look.  Finding young, hip, confident and trendy plus sized clothing should be easier. I’m not going to sugar coat it – a lot of the clothes I find are, most of the time, ugly.  A majority of plus size clothing is boxy, shapeless, dull, or looks like it is made for elderly women. Here is a hint to the fashion world:

Just because I’m larger than a size 12 doesn’t mean I don’t like stylish clothes.

I’ve resorted to often making my own clothing using things I find in thrift stores and DIY ideas (thank you Tumblr!).  Thankfully, I have found a couple places that have really cute, up to trend, clothing in plus sizes for things I don’t make.   Here’s a few:

Forever 21 Plus

Almost every teenage girl has heard of Forever 21, and has seen their clothing. Personally, I love Forever 21 Plus. The clothing is affordable, the clothes are well made, and the designs are trendy. There are many different varieties of styles you can choose from as well. I own multiple pieces from the store and love all of it. Forever 21 Plus clothing has a flattering fit and is similar to the other clothing in the store, so you don’t feel excluded from the cute pieces in the other sections. They offer sizes 1xl-3xl in shirts/dresses, and 12-20 pants.



I have loved every piece of clothing I have gotten from this store. I have both shopped in the actual store and ordered online and I enjoyed both experiences. The clothes in the shops are very cute, and are extremely affordable.  The sales are great, too! They offer sizes 1-3x in dresses/shirts, and 14-24 pants. They also have a nice selection of lingerie, and sizes range from 36C-44DD


Love Culture

Love Culture Plus size clothing is very up to date with trends, and is really well made. I have never been disappointed when getting an item from this store. The clothing I have gotten from there are great staple pieces in my wardrobe. They offer sizes 1xl-3xl in shirts/dresses, and 1xl-3xl in pants.



Torrid clothing is very well made and dependable. Torrid is probably one of my favorite plus size stores. The styles are diverse and there is a wide variety of styles to pick from. There is so much to pick from, no matter what your preference.  I have multiple pairs of bottoms from there and I adore the fit and feel of them. They have an wide range of sizes, from 12-28.


Wet Seal

Wet Seal’s plus size section is very similar to their other sections. The clothing is affordable and is extremely comfortable to wear. Every time I’ve purchased something from the section, it becomes a big part of my wardrobe. They carry sizes xl-3x in shirts/dresses and 18-24 in bottoms.



I’m really proud that at least a FEW companies recognize that  plus sized teens also want to wear stylish clothing and feel good about themselves.   I want to scream to the fashion world:  Pay attention!

I am part of a HUGE demographic. We’re young, we’re hip, we’re confident, and  want to be stylish. We also have money to spend on clothing. Why are you leaving us out?

Is there a favorite store of yours that offers plus sized clothing  for younger people?  And when is plus-sized fashion week again?