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What I Learned in 2013


2013 was a very interesting year. A lot happened to me. For example, I finally told my story to the world. I was featured on the homepage of CNN, I was in an article in USA Today,on Babble, and on a couple of news shows.  I learned about a cool new program that could help so many bullied people stand up for themselves, and for those watching bullies and feel helpless. I am so grateful and happy for all of my experiences. I met so many amazing people, and went cool places. I’m grateful for everything.

This year taught me a lot, and it’s amazing how muchone person can grow in a span of 365 days.

  • I learned that not everyone is going to like you, regardless of what you do, so don’t change for anyone.
  • I learned, unfortunately, that not everyone has the same nice intentions as you do, and the only people they want to help and to be happy is themselves.
  • I learned that rather than self pity, it’s OKAY  to laugh at yourself. Don’t take everything so seriously.
  • I learned that some people will want to use you, and to be careful who you trust, especially after good experiences happen to you, and how to tell who’s a genuine person.
  • I learned that for myself, nothing makes me happier than to help other people and make other people happy. I know it’s really cheesy but it’s true.
  • I learned that not everyone will be happy when good things happen to you, and that it’s ok to be happy for myself.
  • I learned that it’s okay to forgive, but never forget.
  • I learned that I am not responsible for other peoples happiness, or the actions that they take.
  • I learned that with friends, it truly is quality over quantity.
  • I learned that there is real evil in the world, but that there is also so much good.
  • I learned that while stuff does happen, and it’s okay to be sad for a while but you have to pick your life back up and keep going on.
  • I learned that you should give everyone a chance, and don’t judge very quickly.
  • I learned that one of the most important things you can do is to #BeBrave and stand up for yourself,  for others, and TO others.
  • I learned that I want to help others know that bullying doesn’t last forever, and that there are ways to get it to stop.
  • I learned that I’m lactose intolerant, but sometimes,  having a little ice cream is worth the pain.
  • I also learned that it takes a very long time to finish a whole tube of lip-gloss.
  • I learned that if you accidentally step on your cats tail at night, it won’t hesitate to claw your entire leg up.
  • I learned that if your little brother drops legos the best way to find them is walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night.
  • I also learned that stepping on legos hurts like hell.
  • I learned that it’s possible to be happy. In fact, it’s OK to be happy.
  • I learned that I am a warrior.

I know those some of these are pretty deep, but they’re true and I learned all of those lessons in 2013. I’m pretty happy with them. Yes I may have been through some hardships learning them, but in the end I’m a stronger person so it’s okay.

I hope the best for all of you in 2014!

happynewyear I WILL be writing more so send me emails and talk to me! I’d love to talk to some of you. ny

Acts of Kindness

It’s been a year. My heart if full. There is so much that is beyond words, so I’m simply going to say: do something kind.

I’m printing these out, and putting them up in bathroom mirrors, and public doors and where ever I can.  Practice #26 Acts of Kindness, but don’t count.  Just keep doing it.  

Feel free to print this and  use it where ever you are, too ! (tweet me if you do @loser_gurls)

Have a peaceful day.


“When I despair, I remember that all

December 14, 2012 Aftermath

It’s on  my mind.  A lot.  That day, nearly a year ago when our world changed.  On December 14, 2012,  this is  kind of what it was like at my school.  It’s a video from Glee.  I don’t have the words to tell you what it was like.  Sometimes there are no words.  But this video brings back every single  feeling.  I was a crying mess watching it. I’m crying now, writing this.

If you can’t see the video, you can watch it here. Go see it. I will wait.  it’s 11 minutes of terror.  Bring tissues.

Glee Shooting Scene

I was in health  class. We kind of knew what was happening in Newtown and we were put into full lock-down for nearly an hour.  Lock-down was similar to this, except for the gunshots. We didn’t hear shots. Like, get down on the floor and hide lock-down. That moment- at 2:04 on the video?  When someone rattled the door?  That happened to us. I was on the floor, huddled up with  my classmates- and we were just like the kids in that video.   Some were crying, some were praying, some were just sitting, terrified, waiting.   We were not too sure of what was going on other that someone had shot up a neighboring school and killed a bunch of kids, and that there might be a second shooter.  It was near us. That’s why we were in full lockdown .

I have never been more frightened in my life.

It was a defining moment in my life.

I was so scared that I didn’t want to do anything but stay home and hide –so- I forced myself to get up and go out.  I was distrustful of people who I didn’t know-  so I made myself say hello and make friends. I was aware that  evil really exists- so I choose to see the beauty and good in people. I wanted to take care of myself and my family and friends, so I made myself care for strangers. I had to make a choice– and my choice was simple.

Be Brave because Love Wins.

I know I will be upset and nervous for the next few days. but I am going to concentrate on  the things I can celebrate. The lives of those lost. I will celebrate:

  1. Loving and caring for animals for  Charlotte Beacon.
  2. Loving my parents like Noah Ponzer
  3. Being Creative like Emilie Parker.
  4. Reading, like Jack Pinto
  5. Being fearless, full of courage and strength- just like Jesse Lewis
  6. Protecting and teaching others, like Victoria Soto
  7. Loving the beach and hairbows and  drawing like Grace McDonnell
  8. Helping animals in need like Catherine Hubbard
  9. Kindness and being enthusiastic  like Dawn Hochsprung
  10. Compassion  and being there for others, like Mary Shurlach
  11. Music, dance, and theater like Lauren Rousseau
  12. Being a big sister, like Olivia Engel.
  13. True love for Rachel D’Avino
  14. The wonders of the ocean and sea life for Jessica Rekos
  15. Singing just like Ana Marquez-Green
  16. Using kindness and my imagination like Daniel Barden
  17. The color Purple and teaching lessons without saying a word,like  Jopsephine Gay
  18. Being active and busy like Chase Kowalsk
  19. Asking questions and finding answers like James Mattioli,
  20. Flying- even if it’s on a trampoline -like Dylan Hockley
  21. Protecting those I love, like Ann Marie Murphy
  22. Sharing smiles with everyone, and horses, like  Avielle Richman
  23. Being driven to do my best at something, like Benjamin Wheeler
  24. Laughing like Allison Wyatt.
  25. Optimism like Caroline Previdi
  26. Bright dresses and bright attitudes like Madeleine Hsu

I will continue to practice  #26 acts for 365 Days.  Actually, I’m not counting.  I will be brave and  LIVE the most I can, as joyfully and fully as I can. To me, that is the best way to honor the lost.   I often say you can’t see the stars without darkness.  So I am letting those stars shine.