Monthly Archives: March 2013

Walk Away

A friend isn’t someone who stand by and watches you do something wrong. A TRUE friend is someone who will stand up to you and tell you that you are wrong. I am always a true friend.

I’ve been dealing with some bullying lately, and after someone was really mean and nasty to me, I walked away.  The truth is I was sad, I was upset and I was FURIOUS. So furious that I really wanted to do something, anything to retaliate.    BUT, I stopped myself and walked away.


I am strong enough to walk away.  I do not walk away because I am scared, but  because  I am not going to buy into the drama .  I walk away because I have enough faith in myself to know that maybe you hurt me for a moment, but not forever. I walk away because I will not let anyone goad me into making bad choices.

Walking away isn’t weak—

it’s sometimes the strongest, bravest thing a person can do.

I’m NOT buying into the drama. And I am not going to accept it. You see, NO ONE has the right to act that way towards me. I  have the right to protect myself. I will, but in the right way. You will stop, because I refuse to accept your bullying. Not only of me, but of all the other people you have bullied. To make a true difference in this world, you have to STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT. I WILL stand up to you, I have, and I will continue to because I refuse to live in a world where people think it’s ok to hurt others for entertainments sake.

I refuse the drama, the lies, the pettiness.  I don’t care if it cost me friends. If it does, they were not friends to begin with.