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Friday, February 22 is PINK

February 22 is my little brother Aedan’s birthday.  He’ll be 11.  I was thinking about  how excited he is.  How excited my parents are to celebrate with him.  And yeah, I’m excited for him- because what are birthdays, really?  They are a celebration of a year of life, and the excitement and hope of the upcoming year.  Aedan has that.

But  February 22 is also Charlotte Bacon’s birthday.  Charlotte died in the tragedy  of Newtown.  She isn’t going to have any more birthdays.   But, her family is  celebrating her  by hosting the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award via NewtownKindess,org  to encourage kids from everywhere to share acts of kindness that they wanted to do in response to the tragedy.


They put out this video today.

There is also a movement to wear pink on Friday, February 22 in honor of Charlotte.

Pink is such a happy color.  It’s the color of spring, of  tulips and smiles.

Pink is the color of hope.

So Friday, I will be wearing pink to honor Charlotte, to say that I believe in hope and  small acts of kindness and doing more to make this world a better place.  As I said before, if doesn’t take anything huge, small acts of kindness- a smile, a kind word, a PINK moment can change everything.

Please be PINK on February 22.  Please share. Consider it an Act of Kindness.  And if you wear pink, will you send me a pic at so I can make a graphic and share it?  Thanks!