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Everyone is the SAME!

I was noticing something in the emails that I get on my blog the other day:

“…Hey ally I’m experiencing the same thing you are or were. yeahh it does hurt because all of my friends have good bodies an wear cute clothes also. an i get nervous to walk in front of people because i think they are laughing at me. and I’m on the act of trying to loose weight. “

“…I read your story. I realized if you can love yourself I can love myself too.”

“…Last year i got bullied i was called names and put down because I’m not the skinniest person ever but its on the inside that counts.”

“…i don’t see what the point is bullying other kids just because they are overweight and the person that’s bullying that person they might not be healthy i used to be bullied about my weight at first it got to me and it did some real damage to my self esteem but then i would block out all of there negative comments so i wasn’t skinny like them but it doesn’t give them a right to bully me about it…”

:…Hey I’m overweight bullied and had enough I’m in 7th grade! I was about to kill my self….: (!!)

…Because I’ve noticed that I’m not one of those girls who gets 20 likes on Facebook for her skinny body in a bathing suit, or for being pretty it’s not me. And I’m not quite sure if it will be me until I get fit. Because I’m not comfortable in my own body the way I am. I understand that you say everyone’s beautiful and I’m not saying your wrong. It’s that I personally don’t feel it. Not until I do what you said get healthy ,..

And this is just a few of the emails and comments that I’ve received. And I am honestly SAD about it.  OMG that are SO many people who are made to feel badly about themselves, simply because of what they LOOK LIKE.

So these girls who are SO much like me are feeling badly about themselves because of their looks. I’ll bet that EACH and EVERY ONE of them has some awesomeness in them- something that is unique and  wonderful and  something that sets them apart more than something as trivial as their weight.

Its not just girls, though. Boys, too, get crap. My own little brother gets picked on for his weight, and he’s not FAT! He’s a little chunky, but he is ok- even his doctor told him he was fine, but he stresses over it. He has kids on the bus calling him fat. He never goes to without a shirt, and worries about how his clothes fit. He’s 10. TEN 10. Why does he have to get crap about his weight when he should just be playing and having fun?  He should NOT be worrying about if his shirt makes him look fat. Boys can be mean, too.

I swear, I get SO mad sometimes.  SO mad.  I know it sounds corny but why can’t people get along?   For everyone who’s written to me, Thank you, I share you journey. And, I am JUST LIKE YOU when sometimes I feel ‘not enough” but then I FORCE myself to remember, oh hell, yay, I am!

hey you

Just remember this. Say it to yourself every single day You are amazing no matter what others may think.

STAND up and help


On Wednesday,something awful happened in our town. John Wilkinson asked his friend to come over and help him with a heater problem he was having. He sent his kids, Everett and and Jake over to a neighbors house because he smelled propane gas.  His friend, Tony Fratino and his son, Nick came over to help. They thought is was all ok, John called his neighbor to tell him to send his kids back home, it was all ok.

Then the house EXPLODED. It was gone,  All that was left was a chimney and some shattered families, Tony Fratino died. His son, 9 year old Nick is in the hospital badly injured. John Wilkinson is also in the hospital badly injured.

Sometimes, things you think are bad aren’t as bad as things that CAN happen!

I know that one family is going to miss a father, and the other, a home, and probably  a Dad for some time while he gets better.  I know that they will need financial help while all this gets sorted out, and  even though our entire town is mobilizing to help, I’d like to do something. A lot of time kids feel helpless when stuff like this happens and they do not know how to help but I decided to do what I can. We are holding a lemonade stand and donating all the money to  the fund that are set up for the families. If you are in the area, it would be great if you would stop by and have a glass of lemonade and  make a donation to these families.

  • Monday 9/3
  • 11am -3pm
  • Webster Bank- 291 Danbury Road, New Milford (corner of Rte 7 and Still River Road)

Nick has a brother, Anthony, who is 7th grade. Jake (4th grade) and Everett (1st grade) Wilkinson are getting a new baby brother or sister in about a month. Their world is turned upside down. The worst has happened.  They are still kids- one is a bit younger than my brother Aedan and one a bit younger than I- and we’d love to help them out- kid to kid. So if you are New Milford kid come by, have a cup of lemonade then go home and hug your family.  If you’re not a kid, come anyway.

Want to make a donation and are not in the area?  You can mail a checks to funds that are set up, or email my my mom at and she’ll send you to the right place. Hopefully there will be an online group set up soon.

“Wilkinson Family Support Fund” and “Fratino Family Support Fund” If you are considering donating financially, please write the check to the Fund name. You can drop it off or mail it to Community Credit Union of New Milford 145 Danbury Rd, New Milford, Ct 06776

***Thank you to Webster Bank for letting me use their parking lot for our lemonade stand- they are always willing to help out our community***