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Eating on TV

Do you have any favorite TV shows? I have to admit that iCarly on Nickelodeon was one of my favorite shows.  I loved it mostly because of  Jennette McCurdy, the person who played Sam Puckett. I liked Sam because  she is a strong girl  who isn’t afraid to be herself and say what she means.   Ok, some may say she’s a bit of a bully, and I suppose she is, but  she stands up for herself and her friends. One thing that always drove me a bit crazy was the way she ate. Bacon, fat cakes, bacon, ice cream, bacon, candy, and oh, did I mention she loved BACON?   Kids often look to people they admire on TV as role models, and think that things that they watch on TV is ok .and normal, especially on a kid  TV channel.

One thing that really BUGS me is when TV shows make fun of eating disorders.  Approximately 1.6 percent of ALL American Teens have a Binge Eatng Disorder, so making  a joke out of someone  chowing down 12 “fatcakes” or  knocking people over for bacon doesn’t’ t make me laugh- it upsets me.  So when I heard that Jennette McCurdy, the actor who plays Sam Puckett on iCarly was joining up with Bird’s Eye’s Veggies to promote  better eating habits, I was excited!   A friend of my mom was interviewing her, so I asked her to ask her a question for me. (thanks, Leah) She gave me a big SHOUT OUT!   Check out my questions:

A question for Sam Puckett from LoserGurl!


I’m happy to hear that she eats healthy, and I’m glad she’s wanting to show people how yummy vegetables are.    I just wish that  TV would showcase more healthy options!  I don’t want to get started on how they showcase overweight actors as lame buffoons, but that’s a WHOLE other blog post.  (But seriously, have you noticed the lack of overweight hero’s and heroines?  Can we get a big girl or boy on TV that is just COOL? Stereotyping stinks and helps lead to a lot of the obesity bullying that goes on. How about some normal sized people instead of super skinny ones?   but. anyway…..)

So thanks to Jennette for the shout out, and answering my question.   Here’s my question to you:  What food do you have a hard time controlling yourself eating and  which is your favorite vegetable?