Monthly Archives: June 2012

New Beginnings


Middle School is over. It’s done.  I have heard so many times “Middle School Sucks” and the truth is , parts of it did, and parts of it didn’t.  This past year has been pretty rough and  has had, for me, a lot more bad parts than good, but  you know what?

It’s over.  Been Promoted . I’ve moved on.


It’s time to start all over.



Next September I’ll be walking into a brand new school, full of new people to meet, and new choices to make.  All kinds of new experiences to have, and I am sure, drama to deal with. I tried out for and MADE the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. I am SO excited and yet scared for this at the same time. I know  I haven’t exactly been quiet about my problems with being overweight and all the crap I deal with about it.  I know that I’m going to be the biggest cheerleader there.  But I LOVE cheering more than I fear being picked on. Does that make sense?   I want to hold onto my dreams and goals and I want to make sure that I don’t let other people change me. I want to show other people that you CAN be the person you want to be, regardless of what others think.

 You have to forget the ones who say you can’t and do it for yourself.


I’m going to concentrate on surrounding myself with people who are kind, who see me as ME, not anything else. It’s really important.  I will always stand up for others, because it’s the right thing to do, but I’ve realized that I needed to make sure that I was hanging with people who are going to support me, too. I have a few other goal that I’m working on an yes one is getting healthier and losing weight,, but in a GOOD way- and I went to get some real help with it, not a quick fix kind of way that could be bad for me. It will take time, but I’ll make my goals happen.

Goal Number 1-  Drink more water. At least 80 ounces a day.

Goal Number 2 -Tell one person, EVERY DAY, how beautiful they are. Every single person is beautiful, no matter what they look like. Beauty is SO much more than that.  So I’m starting today, with YOU!


I challenge you to find ONE thing you can do every day to make someone else smile. All it takes is a few words, a smile, a good morning or even being nice to your brother (or sister) or Mom – there are so many little things you can do. What will you do to bring beauty for a moment to someone’s day? 

And drink your water!