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Haters Gonna Hate


Today, walking down the hall, I heard it.  A group of people behind me yelled out:


I made some kind of snide comment, and continued walking down the hall, choking back tears as I listened to the people laughing around me.   I pretended I didn’t care, but I  did.    I did.261701428316211484_UveoogmK_f

Today was an important day for me.  We are in the middle of cheer try-outs and rehearsals, and I was already nervous about it.  I’ve been really sick for more than 2 months with Lyme Disease and am just now starting to feel better and I’m still kinda weak and I was really scared about this weeks tryouts.  It felt like to me that the first day of tryouts that everyone there knew things I didn’t, and they were all perfect cheerleader types. I felt a little out of place but I just stuck to my guns and paid attention.

I want to cheer more than I want to worry about being uncomfortable.

But today, well, today I was all kinds of nervous and and self conscience and honestly, scared.  Those words, thrown at me so carelessly in the hallway for a laugh or a joke or even meant seriously honestly ruined my day.I cried, all morning.  The made me question my devotion to cheer. .They made me question MY SELF WORTH.   And I hated that, because I have fought too hard to be accepting of me.

I am fat. That is true.I am changing that one pound at a time. But I AM NOT pathetic, and I AM NOT a BITCHBeing FAT doesn’t make it so.

I AM a fantastic cheerleader.  I am a good friend. I am a great singer.  I love and care for animals. I stick up for others. I have so many other qualities that you will not see because you cannot look past what my body looks like. My body does not define me.    I define me.  And I almost let your hateful words stop me from something WONDERFUL that I love to do.  I screwed up my courage and went to tryouts and even though it was hard and I was scared I did my best and I think I did a great job. We stunted and I LOVE being a back spot and  helping to lift a flyer high. I will not let this stop me. I WON’T.


And I will continue to stick up for others, no matter what they are picked on for because everyone deserves to find some faith and love in themselves.   We all need to find the time to say GOOD things to other people and help them feel GOOD about themselves, not tear them down. Why is this so hard for some people?

I could go on and on about how terrible and pathetic “haters” are, but I’m just NOT. I’m no longer giving them that power over me. They many have ruined my day, but not my week.   I am stronger, and better than that.

Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Everyone is!

One Act of Kindness

26458716530927230_J5l9YilY_bI was in a very bad mood. Everything seemed to be going against me. I haven’t been feeling well, and I was exhausted, so I slept in and went to school late. Almost as soon as I got up my mom and I got into a fight, I didn’t get to eat breakfast, or have time to look good, so I ran out the door. When I got to class I was in a bad mood still, and to make it worse one of my teachers yelled at me for something I didn’t do. I was in one of those “everyone-is-annoying-go-away-before-I-punch-you-in-the-face” kind of moods. I walked down the hallway alone, and was stopped by a friend who I hadn’t talked to much. I was not in the mood to talk, so I tried to walk away. Then my friend said; “Ally, you are seriously so beautiful. Even in sweatpants, no makeup and hair in a messy bun. You’re just beautiful inside and out, I want you to know that.” and walked away. I stood for a minute, kind of shocked.  I smiled. My bad mood lifted. Then I started to think.

Someone just said ONE nice thing to me, and changed my ENTIRE day. For the rest of the day I wasn’t as upset. Just ONE act of kindness can help a lot.  A smile, a wave, a kind word, holding a door open,  saving someone a seat – it may not seem like much. But if you just do like, maybe one or two nice things a day, it will really end up making an impact. You can help change a person’s whole day around with a simple action. 115334440427503288_Ry5sO71U_b