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What Do You Stand For?


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Remember I talked about those ads in Georgia that kinda made fun of overweight kids to bring awareness to childhood obesity? Guess what! Those ads are going to be taken down!

So  I found this site that was trying to say what you would stand up for even if you aren’t skinny.   Lots of people were happy to stand up for being happy and active no matter what size they were.  I thought about how people said I shouldn’t be a cheerleader even though I am overweight- and how I believed in myself and I KNEW I’d be a good cheerleader- so I sent in my photo and a caption and they made me a billboard!

It made me really think about all the things that I want to stand up for:  being proud of yourself, being kind to others, and seeing the beauty in everyone.  Even though I get a lot of crap at times, and even lose friends for standing up to these things, I believe in them.  I believe that you have to be strong and stand up for things you believe in, even when it’s hard. Probably even more when it’s hard.

What do you Stand Up for?

Don’t Feed the Trolls


There is always, ALWAYS going to be someone around who is not happy when things  go well for other people.  I posted yesterday about being invited to go to The Revolution, and maybe (hopefully!) being on the show – I even invited people to come and try to get on WITH me! So  of course then the trolls and haters all come out on FaceBook, Twitter and tumblr  with all their mean comments.  I realize there is nothing that I can do about that other then ignoring them, but  OMG why do people have to be SO negative? 

This was my Facebook post for today- addressing the trollsSad smilethey had all kinds of things to say about me being ugly, fat, etc.…..

No. I didn’t get on TV because someone called me ugly. I do realize people out there have it worse than me. I got on because I stood up for something I believe in, and was trying to help other people. I knew I was going to get shit for this. But you know what? You’re not going to stop me from doing what I think is right. No matter how much you torment me. I’m simply too strong to give up because of a few people. Those people can go worry about themselves if they hate me that much.

Sheesh.  Why is it that some people have to say mean things?   There are LOTS of people  who make comments that I don’t agree with, but I don’t trash them. I *IGNORE* it.   I move on to the next conversation. I do not try to tear them down and  make them feel bad.  How could that possibly, at all, be any good?  

Don’t like what I have to say?

IGNORE ME – De-friend me – .Take me off your feed -Un-follow me. 

But DO NOT TRY to bring ME down because I am trying to make this world a better place.   I will not let you stop me  from making whatever change I can make in this world because you are afraid to change yours

Change your fears into strengths- be kind, not mean, Smile, don’t scowl.  Say “hi” instead of ignore. Compliment instead of insult. LOOK for the GOOD in people, instead of letting the bad out of you.


Being an Overweight teen is HARD!

It’s not bad enough that we have to deal with school,  boys (or girls) teachers, parents, and our whole future, but when you are overweight, you are also judged about what kind of person you are just by the size of your body!

One of the things I want to write about on my blog is how I am working on getting healthy.  Yes, that means losing weight, but it isn’t all about  getting into a size 6 jeans- it’s about getting to a healthy weight for your body- and doing it a healthy way.  I’ve gotten started in what my mom calls a “non-scale victory”- I’ve stopped drinking soda!  (Even diet soda is BAD for you!)  It’s all about small steps, guys..little changes that will lead up to big changes!

So, anyway, my Mom watches this show called The Revolution and  they are doing  a show on teens and kids who need to lose weight.  They invited me to come to a special show about kids who want to get heather. I’m hoping to learn some from it. They told me that I could ask my friends, soo.

Being a teen in itself is hard enough in today’s society. Being an overweight teen can be even harder.
Our celebrity cast wants to help. And its starts on March 1st @ 1pm. Chelsea Studios.NYC
Maybe you are a mom whose bad habits have trickled down on your kids? If so, we’d love to extend you this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Bring along your daughter(s) or son(s) to join our audience, where they will be inspired & walk out with a ton of knowledge. It is sure to be a fun hour filled with surprises leading you to your new healthy lifestyle!!!
Please email  “CHILDREN/YOUNG ADULT SHOW”  (mention Ally @ for Priority tickets)
Make sure to include your Name, daytime phone number & amount of tickets needed. We will follow up with all additional information immediately.
This is a FREE event. All who fit these criteria are welcome.
 Hope to see you there!!!!
For more information about THE REVOLUTION, please visit our website at

Wanna come?  And remember… EVERYONE is beautiful– you just gotta look for the beauty in them!