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Prank Calls

So last night I recieved a call from an unknown number. I picked up, and the person screamed at me; ” YOU’RE UGLY AND FAT, ALLY. YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS. YOUR BLOG IS STUPID, YOU JUST AN ATTENTION SEEKER.  AND YOU’RE A WHORE. GET A LIFE B****”

Seriously?  Some of us have delt with calls like this. My advice is to ignore it. These people are obviously insecure.

To the pathetic people prank calling me:

I am aware im fat, no need to point that out. Calling me fat and ugly wont make you any prettier or skinner, or a better person. Calling me an attention seeker because of my blog is stupid, because I write it first,for MYSELF,and second, to hopefully help other people  who may feel the way that I do sometimes, NOT for attention. And calling me a whore? Really?? I do not sleep around and do things.  I have too much respect for myself for that.  I don’t think you know what a whore is. And… thanks for telling me to cry, but HAHAHA  guess what? I dont need to. You are not worth my tears because you my dears are frankly PATHETIC and INSECURE. I pity people like you.

And just so you know, everyone is beautiful.  

Fat Ads

My Mom showed me this ad that the state of Georgia was running to help people fight childhood obesity.  Look at this billboard:

I GET IT that they want to help kids not be overweight, but OMG, can you just imagine how embarrassing those ad are for kids who are fat?


Like  she and everyone else didn’t  already know it.

I looked just like that girl when I was in 4th grade!

When I was in 4th grade,I felt horrible for being overweight. I got picked on like crazy for being fat, and if there were friggin’ BILLBOARDS out there pointing out that the FAT KID was anymore “LESS THAN” skinny kids I would have wanted to curl up and die.   I felt badly enough for being different .

Way to go, Georgia for pointing out the fat kids are even more different- not! .

 If there is a kid already out there feeling badly about being overweight, I’ll bet she’s (or he, ‘cause boys feel bad for being picked on too) feeling worse seeing those ads.

It seems to me to be bullying…kinda like- “no offensive,  that doesn’t look the best on you, it makes your stomach show”. (yeah, someone said that to me at school).  Saying NO OFFENSIVE does not make it inoffensive, the same way as saying “We’re doing it for the kids own good” doesn’t make it inoffensive. Why couldn’t they say something positive about getting kids healthy instead of picking on kids who are overweight?

Bullying is bullying. And this really feel like bullying to me. Hurting people is not the way to get a message across.  Or at least it’s not the right way.






Mean Girls and Haters

We have ALL experienced mean girls. It hurts really badly when we fall victim to them.  They can be really hurtful, making fun of your insecurities, and kick you when you’re down. But I want to tell you something.  These girls, the ones who hurt you on PURPOSE, are scared. They are scared little girls, insecure about themselves. They make fun of people FIRST, because they are afraid of other people making fun of them.  If you have to belittle someone to make yourself feel good, then you are a very small, sad person.  Actually, it doesn’t have to be girls. Boys can be just at hurtful and mean.

I would like to apologize publicly  to my ex best friend. I’m sorry for saying what I “said.” I’m sorry for getting involved in something that has nothing to do with me, and for “copying” you with a quote. I didn’t even know you used it. But, I’m sorry, I’m NOT PERFECT. You need to get over it. I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not going to talk about you anymore. Because it isn’t worth it, and I don’t care anymore what you think.

The other “popular” girls in my school, almost all of them, probably don’t like me either. But you know, that SUCKS for them.  I’m NOT afraid of them. I’m not afraid of speaking my mind, and I don’t follow the trends. I am MYSELF. I’m not trying to be anyone else. I don’t need to be.   I am strong enough to be ME, not a copy of what someone else thinks they should be.

If you ever get picked on a mean girl, remember what I said. They are just insecure of themselves. They don’t know who they are, and they probably don’t like themselves. Be sure of yourself, try not to let anyone bring you down.